Welcome to our website. We are a company founded in 1990 out of passion and willingness to develop. We recycle plastics and produce pressed products for horse comfort.

Our innovative PVC recycling process is based on the production of powders from post-production waste, which we then use in the production of construction profiles like pipes, window sills and others.

We also specialize in producing modern and easy-to-install pressed products dedicated to horses. Thanks to our mats, your floor in the arena, paddock, merry-go-round or box will be even more comfortable for your horses and the rider. The comfort of the horse will translate directly into the comfort of riding. We know how to ensure that your horse is not exposed to injuries and derives even more pleasure from the trot, gallop and even during rest.

Our recyclates are produced on specialized production lines from properly selected PVC materials. Our qualified staff ensures that finished products such as recyclates and mats are of the best quality. Our company has years of experience. We are reliable, professional and well experienced.